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Winter Olympics 2018

Gracenote Sports are a global sports data provider supplying rich data covering schedules, results, live scores and historical data over 220 sports internationally. This talk will cover the challenge of delivering this service for the Winter Olympics 2018 for a range of international broadcasters.

Gracenote covered all 200+ events in the Winter Olympics powering data for 40 customers on their websites, mobile applications and tv screens in 24 languages to millions of users across the globe.

There we many technical challenges to deliver the data accurately at sub second speeds from the Olympic Venues to these destinations. Gracenote used a wide range of technology including Kafka, React, Kubernetes, AWS and we will explain how they helped us to deliver Gracenotes biggest ever olympics.

About Paul Lemon

Paul Lemon is the Senior Director of Engineering for Sports. He has worked in the Netherlands for the last 12 months and previously worked for Sky and the BBC in the UK. He has delivered software to companies including BBC, Sky, NBC, Disney, UEFA, Nestle and HSBC.

Paul Lemon