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Priming & Persuasive Technology

In his talk on 'Priming & Persuasive Technology' Mischa wil share some key methodologies and psychological tactics on how to influence and persuade customers/users to behave in the way you would like them to. This means using technology-based insights and technology-delivered messaging to persuade users to buy, behave healthy, share your proposition or perform any other desired target behaviour.

Mischa will go into the psychology of unconscious choice & decision making and explain a number of key tactics to use in your design and development. These tactics are all science- and evidence-based strategies form the field of social- and media psychology.

About Mischa Coster

Mischa Coster MA MSc is a consultant, researcher and public speaker in the area of mediapsychology and persuasion. "I change how people see things" is his personal slogan. He does this by applying evidence-based and theory-inspired psychological tactics. Mischa comes highly recommended by dr. Robert Cialdini, thé international expert-scientist in consumer psychology and persuasion.

Mischa has been consulting for clients as an independent mediapsychologist (he holds two masters degrees; one in Psychology and one in European Multimedia) for over 15 years. His strong knowledge of psychological persuasion techniques, choice architecture and online (social) marketing and communication, combined with a broad experience in business consulting, make him a valued allround international public speaker and consultant on the subject. Not afraid to go in-depth or off-topic, always interactive with a strong focus on content, presentation and adding value for the audience or client.

Mischa Coster